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LightShine Canine

A portion of all purchases made through 9/8 will be donated to LightShine Canine!

"At LightShine Canine we bring the heart of the Lakota and the needs of the dogs together. Our goal is to rescue and relocate to foster based rescues around the country stray, abandoned, injured or abused dogs on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations. Our dog rescue work program is geared to ensure that the dogs we rescue and the Lakota who assist us with this dream are changed forever. We also offer material and educational support to Lakota families who want to better care for their animals and the majority of our volunteers and rescuers are Oglala Sioux Tribe members taking ownership of the crisis their animals are in."


I'm Ashley, the founder of Kind Roots.  This is a vision I've had for years.  I love being an advocate for the things most important to me and being able to donate to causes that change lives and reflect my values. Kind Roots marries these two interests together.  It's a one stop shop for amazing sustainable products, and a creative outlet for my passion for animal advocacy.  

Our store is based on kindness.  Kindness starts with you and affects every facet of life.  From the food you put on your plate to the products you use daily, everything has an impact.  I want to bring you the best options to make living a more sustainable and cruelty free life a reality.

In my spare time, I'm usually chasing my 5 rescue cats around!  They are my inspiration to help animals everywhere live the best life they deserve.  That's why every purchase helps animals in rescues and sanctuaries.  

Join the Kind Roots Community and be an advocate for kindness, for the animals, for the environment, and for life.