Welcome to the Kind Roots blog!  I'm so excited to not only share my line with you, but also products and places that I love.  We're kicking it off with a recent trip to Omaha to check out a new horror themed restaurant - Monster Club.
I'm the only vegan in my family, so I try to find restaurants everyone will enjoy eating at...and also showing them how fan-freaking-tastic vegan food can be.  I was a planning a last minute trip to Omaha to treat my dad for Father's Day, and he gave me free reign to pick the restaurant.  As a lover of horror movies and all things themed, I knew Monster Club was a must visit.
You're greeted by a Gremlin when you walk in,
so it's already starting off awesome.  
The ambiance is dark and full of your favorite scary movie characters and posters.  While you're browsing the menu, horror movie theme songs are playing adding an uber fun creep factor.    
They have several vegan options to choose from, and I settled on the barbecue jack fruit sandwich.  After a table taste test, everyone agreed it was the bomb.  The chef stopped by to see how I liked the jack fruit, and told me he worked on the recipe for three weeks to get it right.  I also sampled my boyfriend's black bean burger, and it was a winner as well.  No pictures exist of these items because I dug right in completely forgetting to snag one.  Blog fail I guess, but hey I can't be perfect all the time.  
If you're looking for a fun place to take the fam,
head to the Old Market and try Monster Club. 
(And if you're looking for something fun to do after lunch, try an escape room like we did. It was the first one my dad had ever been to and he had a blast.)
My favorite things:  I love Stephen King, so obviously I pick the
Pennywise figure and the drink named Hiya Georgie.  

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