who we are

the short

Our owner, Ashley, founded Kind Roots in 2019.  It was a way to merge two of her interests: helping make the planet better + animal advocacy.  Here you'll find a curated collection of eco-friendly goods and originally designed apparel.  She runs the store out of her home with her 4 cats that get all the treats they want because they're so darn cute.

the long

Hey, it's Ashley.  I'm a Nebraska transplant living in the 515 (Des Moines to be exact).  I moved from a town of 800 people and no stop light to the big city to attend college, and graduated with a degree in computer programming...but my career has taken a total 180.  I've lived in Des Moines for almost 20 years and it has shaped me in amazing ways, which led me to taking the leap to start Kind Roots.  

Why did I start this shop?  I wanted to do something that made a difference, and this felt right. This idea stuck with me for almost two years.  Switching to sustainable choices can seem overwhelming, at least it was for me.  There's a fear that you're not doing enough or not doing it right, and who the heck needs that?  No action is too small to make an impact and benefit everyone.  No matter what level of change you are ready for we are here to help.  So please reach out with questions or suggestions.  Like most people, I'm not an expert, and I'm always learning about ways to be better and get inspired by others.  Also, as a lover of interior decorating, I aim to provide items that are aesthetically pleasing.  We hope to show that sustainable living is easy and stylish, because it can be both.  

Animals are my main passion in life, and what I centered Kind Roots around.  We are so proud to raise awareness for fantastic animal rescues + sanctuaries all over the country (and world!).  Each month we choose a featured rescue and donate 10% of our total sales.  Look for them to be announced on our media and home page, and consider donating to them even if you do not need anything in the shop.

Thank you for supporting this dream.