Toilet Bombs

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Thanks to Mama Suds, cleaning toilets has never been so easy and safe! 

Plop. Fizz. Scrub. Flush. 10 tabs per bag

Other uses:

  • drop a tab into your diaper pail to help keep it fresh (these work great on cloth diapers!). 
  • drop a tab into your washing machine, set it on the lowest load setting, let it fizz out, and wash your washing machine. 
  • drop a tab (or 2) into your garbage disposal and run the water.
  • put a few tabs in your bathroom and let it deodorize your bathroom.

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, non-GMO citric acid*, water, essential oils of tea tree, organic peppermint, and lemon.

*Allergy alert: do not use if you have a corn allergy. 

(Safe for septic systems. Use within 3 months.)